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2009.5.28 This site was opened.

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2009.7.29 NewUploaded page:D.D.BOYS Racing Suzuka 8hours Reports in motorsport

2009.8.10 NewUploaded page:Arai RX-7RR5 in Original design

2009.8.11 NewUploaded page:NSR mini Valencia special in Gallery

2009.8.18 NewUploaded page:top Picture No.12 & No.13 in blu X Gallery

2009.9.12 NewUploaded page:blu X Gallery

2009.9.12 NewUploaded page:YZF R6 Y's Gear replica in Gallery

2009.10.9 NewUploaded page:Honda CBR600RR in Gallery

2009.10.9 NewUploaded page:aprilia Tuono1000 in Gallery

2009.10.9 NewUploaded page:top Picture No.14 in blu X Gallery

2009.10.16 NewUploaded page:GSX-R1000 Black ver.in Gallery

2009.10.16 NewUploaded page:GSX-R1000 Red ver.in Gallery

2009.10.16 NewUploaded page:SUZUKI 250SB in Original design

2009.11.7 NewUploaded page:Yamaha YZF R1 Noriyuki Haga replica in Gallery

2009.11.21 NewUploaded page:Yamaha WR250X in Computer design

2009.11.21 NewUploaded page:NSF100-sevenstars replica in Gallery

2009.11.28 NewUploaded page:Yamaha YZF R1 fiat replica in Gallery

2009.12.11 NewUploaded page:top Picture No.15,No.16,No.17,No.18 in blu X Gallery

2009.12.22 NewUploaded page:OGK helmet in Gallery

2010.01.07 NewUploaded page:top Picture No.19,No.20,No.21,No.22 in blu X Gallery

2010.01.25 NewUploaded page:OGK helmet in Gallery

2010.01.25 NewUploaded page:aprilia RSV4 Factory biaggi-replica in Gallery

2010.01.25 NewUploaded page:aprilia RSV4 Factory in Gallery

2010.01.28 NewUploaded page:YAMAHA Cygnus125X in Gallery

2010.02.23 NewUploaded page:Yamaha YZF R6 fiat replica in Gallery

2010.03.31 NewUploaded page:GSX-R1000 brembo performance in Gallery

2010.04.14 NewUploaded page:top Picture No.15,No.16,No.17,No.18 in blu X Gallery

2010.06.23 NewUploaded page:2010 DD-BOYS in Motorsport

2010.06.23 NewUploaded page:GSX-R1000 Jerry Miller Designsin Computerdesign

2010.06.24 NewUploaded page:wallpaperNo.23,No.24in blu X Gallery

2010.07.13 NewUploaded page:wallpaperNo.37,No.38in Mblu X Gallery

2010.07.13 NewUploaded page:top PictureNo.27in blu X Gallery

2010.07.30 NewUploaded page:top PictureNo.28in blu X Gallery

2010.07.30 NewUploaded page:YAMAHA FZS1000in Gallery

2010.07.30 NewUploaded page:aprilia RSV ERRE Factoryin Gallery

2010.08.13 NewUploaded page:2010 Suzuka 8hours in Motorsport

2010.08.19 NewUploaded page:Jerry Miller Designs

2010.09.06 NewUploaded page:S80 Tsukuba championship in Gallery

2010.11.16 NewUploaded page:ATP in Gallery

2010.11.16 NewUploaded page:top PictureNo.32,No.33,No.34,No.35in blu X Gallery

2010.12.06 NewUploaded page:top PictureNo.36,No.37,No.38,No.39in blu X Gallery

2010.12.16 NewUploaded page:top PictureNo.40,No.41,No.42,No.43in blu X Gallery

2011.01.24 NewUploaded page:aprilia RSV4 Factory in Gallery

2011.02.10 NewUploaded page:top PictureNo.44,No.45,No.46in blu X Gallery

2011.03.17 NewUploaded page:top PictureNo.47in blu X Gallery

2011.03.18 NewUploaded page:Team KAGAYAMA in Motorsport

2011.04.27 NewUploaded page:top PictureNo.48,No.49in blu X Gallery

2011.05.04 NewUploaded page:top PictureNo.50,No.51,No.52,No.53in blu X Gallery

2011.05.24 NewUploaded page:Team Kagayama raced in Suzuka 2&4 in Motorsport

2011.06.05 NewUploaded page:top PictureNo.54,No.55in blu X Gallery

2011.06.22 NewUploaded page:top PictureNo.56,No.57,No.58 in blu X Gallery

2011.07.18 NewUploaded page:top PictureNo.59,No.60 in blu X Gallery

2011.08.14 NewUploaded page:top PictureNo.61 in blu X Gallery

2011.08.14 NewUploaded page:Yamaha Cygnus-X1 in Gallery

2011.08.29 NewUploaded page:top PictureNo.62,No.63,No.64,No.65 in blu X Gallery

2011.09.12 NewUploaded page:top PictureNo.66,No.67 in blu X Gallery

2011.09.12 NewUploaded page:Yoshimura X1 in Gallery

2011.09.12 NewUploaded page:Suzuki GSX-R1000 in Gallery

2011.10.03 NewUploaded page:top PictureNo.68,No.69,No.70 in blu X Gallery

2011.11.25 NewUploaded page:top PictureNo.71,No.72 in blu X Gallery

2011.11.25 NewUploaded page:pocket bike & M1mini in Gallery

2011.12.06 NewUploaded page:top PictureNo.73 to No.78 in blu X Gallery

2011.12.25 NewUploaded page:top PictureNo.79 to No.81in blu X Gallery

2011.12.25 NewUploaded page:DUCATI 749R in Gallery

2012.01.06 NewUploaded page:top PictureNo.82 to No.87in blu X Gallery

2012.02.19 NewUploaded page:WallpaperNo.39 to No.65in blu X Gallery

2012.04.24 NewUploaded page:top PictureNo.88 to No.91in blu X Gallery

2012.05.26 NewUploaded page:top PictureNo.92 to No.94in blu X Gallery

       NewUploaded page:WallpaperNo.66 to No.70in blu X Gallery

2012.06.17 NewUploaded page:YZF-R1 in Gallery

2012.06.27 NewUploaded page:top PictureNo.95 to No.97in blu X Gallery

       NewUploaded page:WallpaperNo.71 to No.75in blu X Gallery

2012.08.02 NewUploaded page:top PictureNo.98 to No.100in blu X Gallery

2012.08.18 NewUploaded page:aprilia RSV4 Factory APRC in Gallery

      NewUploaded page:top PictureNo.101 to No.102in blu X Gallery

2012.09.29 NewUploaded page:YAMAHA T-MAX in Gallery

      NewUploaded page:WallpaperNo.76 to No.78in blu X Gallery

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2013.02.10 NewUploaded page:top PictureNo.104 to No.105in blu X Gallery

2013.06.17 NewUploaded page:top PictureNo.106 to No.109in blu X Gallery

2013.08.16 NewUploaded page:TK-MINI in Gallery

      NewUploaded page:TeamKAGAYAMA 2013Suzuka8hours in motorsports

      NewUploaded page:top PictureNo.110 to No.114in blu X Gallery

2013.10.15 NewUploaded page:wallpaperNo.79,No.90in blu X Gallery

2013.10.15 NewUploaded page:top PictureNo.115 to No.118in blu X Gallery

2015.02.02 NewUploaded page:GSX-R1000 TeamKAGAYAMA replica & VESPA LX125 in Gallery

2015.08.11 NewUploaded page:aprilia RS4 SBK replica in Gallery

      NewUploaded page:top PictureNo.119 to No.122in blu X Gallery