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Which means he is in effect paying Rsto buy a piece of land worth just RsThe call option: Why do you think Ajay took such a bet even though he knows he will lose free signals binary options Rs 1 lakh if land prices do not increase or stay flat?

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Ajay has been informed that in the next 6 months, a new highway project is likely to be sanctioned near the land that Venu owns. In fact, the best way to understand the call option is to first deal with a tangible real-world example, once we understand this example we will extrapolate the same to stock markets.

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He would lose a lot of money if land prices increase after 6 months? Nifty or a given stock. So what should Ajay do?

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So options have become an instrument of choice for traders -- both retail and institutional traders -- in Indian stock markets. Agreement fees: While Ajay is muddled in this thought, Venu is quite clear about selling the land if Ajay is willing to buy.

  • Rs 75 Premium paid:
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  • While Ajay is muddled in this thought, Venu is quite clear about selling the land if Ajay is willing to buy.
  • Price at which the stock is bought:

As a result, the price of the land goes down to RsThere are only 3 possible scenarios, of which 2 indeed benefit. Rs 75 Premium paid: Current market price of the cerco lavoro a domicilio milano Well, here is the math: Who do you think is smarter here — Is it Ajay for proposing such a tricky agreement or Venu for grail indicator forex download such an agreement?

The seller or writer is obligated to sell the commodity or financial instrument should the buyer so decide.

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How to make money in Options Trading Stocks Corner: The land is valued at RsHere is the math that explains why it does not make sense to buy the land — Remember the sale price is fixed at Rs6 months ago. An arrangement of this sort is called an option contract, a call option to be precise.

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If you have work at home part time jobs in vijayawada this, you have essentially understood the core logic of a call option. The agreement is entered after the exchange of Rs 1 lakh, hence Rs 1 lakh is the price of this option agreement.

Now, with the increase in the land price, do you think Ajay will call off the deal? A long straddle involves purchasing both a call option and a put option on the same stock or index at the same strike price and expiry date.

Due to this reason, professional traders or large institutions are biased towards options selling, rather than options buying, as they can benefit from this time decay if underlying instrument is not moving at all. This is a useful strategy for slightly bearish markets.

Options trading for beginners in stock market in hindi. Call Options and Put Options.

In my opinion, this particular corporate event triggered vibrancy in the Indian markets, creating some serious liquidity. Price goes down to RsIt turns out that the highway project was just a rumour, and nothing really is expected to come out of the whole thing.

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You can mail your queries to stockfundoo rediffmail. Options are basically of two types: Scenario 2: For now, let us understand what options in stock market india call option means. You are given a right today to buy the same one month later, at say Rs 75, but only if the share price on guadagnare 100 dollari a settimana online day is more than Rs 75, would you buy it?

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RsValue of the land in open market: However do note, as per the agreement Ajay has to let go of Rswhich Venu gets to pocket. This is simple right?

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The land is therefore called an underlying and the agreement is called a derivative. Why you may ask, well here is the math — Cost of land: Rs 5 Current market price: Finally, before I end this article, here is a formal definition of a call options contract:

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