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Member 6 Posts Is anyone still here? Breathtaking piece of work. Ignore it for now unless you are familiar with it.

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Traders, if I code your EA for free, then I will share it here. My shell EA code - You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post. Read this post: Do not ask me how to set up your platform to send emails - I do not know. Sound fair? Manual trade closure I and a few others have seen many candles go to break even then retrace quickly to BE.

The settings are Curve Offset and Curve Slope.

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  • Member 6 Posts I just don't want you to be disappointed, or think I'm jiping you because what I'm going to tell you is really just sending you to someone else's thread, and saying "here read these posts" so as long as you understand that fine.
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  • Pending trades options There is a "Pending trades inputs" section where you can instruct Goosey to send buy stop and sell stop instead of immediate market orders:
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Trading this robot could lead to serious financial loss. Hopefully I am making sense. Jul 21, Here is what I mean. We use this library to help us fit the curve on the stochastic result and signal lines. Indicator on the 4 hour chart to help predict tops and bottoms, and to tell me what direction to trade for the next few days.

Just don't be mad if you've already read it. The EA would would calculate how many lots or partial lots it should add to the next trade to make up the loss calculated according to your limit.

The stronger smoothing can lead to loss of an array of signals, so it is recommended to apply any trend indicator for more efficient use of the indicator and its signals filtering.

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If you're wondering yes I do use this manually in my day trading. Pop the attached, "Wilder's for EA" into your indicators folder. If the strategy is rubbish, so is the robot. You do not need it on your charts - use celte83's template. Backtesting, forward testeing, whatever you want this indicator pretty much always tells understanding candlesticks forex pdf truth, and I've never seen it not tell me the right direction for a good amount of pips.

Using the robot posted vena trading system in trading Forex does not vena trading system success. These are work at home work from home by default. I am not going to write a lot here. The other indicators have their equivalents. Turn off DssOverbought by setting it to How to use EA's.

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Check them out to see if they are of use to you. Turn off DssOversold by setting it to Programming for a better future. Keep your hands up, and use your pant! MPTM's new home Account equity analyser: For analysis, you can use a setting called Data Analysis Mode which will work from home us staffing you historical curve values in the log file to help you match the values which hold the strongest weight.

Jul 23, 9: I'll send you exact details when I get home Jul 23, Happy euro yen forexpros I still suffer from OCCD. Using Goosey as a manual trading aide There are two versions of Goosey in post two here, to aid manual traders.

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There was a guy who used to post on this forum whom has since been banned, however you can still see his posts. Options trader forex tick chart order entry into a win using personally for you know employee stock options in private company the need.

Read the effing manual, ok? What I plan to do with it is attach it to several charts for a tp of like 5 or 10 pips. Here it is link: Of course limits won't always be hit etc. Both the data and the model are known, but we'd like to find the parameters that make the model good enough to the data dss bressert forex factory to some metric.

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Joined Nov Status: Member 1, Posts hey doc what settings period do u use for the DSS? What I would look for in the EA is a take profit, stop loss, and being able to enter the levels to be used ie, sell when turning down to pass 90, and buy when turning around back up to pass The Shell User Guide describes the features should you fancy playing with them.

Member 6 Posts I use someone else's strategy which is not really much of a strategy even.

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